Wolanda Werkman

Wolanda Werkman is a painter with a focus on abstract and figurative motifs. An intuitive painter where the inner landscape ends up on the canvas.
She is originally from Siddeburen (The Netherlands) and now resides in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Torsåker (Sweden).

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I have been creating all my life. As a child I dreamt about becoming an Artist, but I chose a safer path and studied Child Psychology in Groningen and then continued studying for my Phd in Amsterdam. Eventually, I worked as a child psychologist and neuropsychologist in Amsterdam and Rotterdam for over 20 years.  

Through the years I have always searched for ways to express my creativity. I am now thoroughly enjoying what I like most: creating, getting my hands dirty, exploring, trying and being surprised by the flow and texture of the paint and the other materials I work with.  

My art is intuitive and mostly abstract. I like to experiment with different mixed media materials like paper, fabrics, acrylics, spray paint, and everything else I see a use for. Re-use and respect for the natural world are important to me. My paintings can consist of many layers which give it structure and tell a story. 

Part of the year I reside in Sweden. I spend as much time as possible in nature when in Sweden. Walking my dog through the endless woods. Nature, animals dead and alive, and the all embracing sea are recurring themes in my work. But people, relations and mood in its broadest sense, are also never far away. My artworks feel alive to me and I like to create names that reflect their essence. This can be a line from a song or a poem, or something I made up. I feel the interaction between the title and the work adds to the experience of undergoing its effect on you.

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